About Me

Hi, my name is Alexander a native from Aruba. I am from the area of Rooi Afo / Paradera. Like many locals I moved away from the Island in my early years. As a result I ended up growing up, traveling and living all over the world. Before moving back home to my dushi tera (sweet land) I spent quite some years living in the USA. The last state I lived in before moving back to Aruba was Washington State. There I spent countless hours and days in the outdoors where I love to be the most.
I love the outdoors lifestyle, especially camping, fishing and “wheeling” in my Jeep. Upon moving back I brought my Jeep and my love for nature and the outdoors with me to Aruba. I have always said that one day I’d move back home, well, that time came and now I’m back in my beautiful Island. I LOVE ARUBA so much that I want to share it with all of you. I want to show you the parts so many visitors skip or simply don’t know about. Don’t get stuck in the hotel areas, take a day out of your routine vacation schedule and explore what is the local Aruba vibe. There’s so much to see on this little rock in the Caribbean Sea. So let me take you on an adventure and share my dushi tera with you. Come and experience mi dushi tera.

Dushi Tera Experience will give its customers an authentic local experience like no other company presents in Aruba.
This is done by way of a specifically built up Jeep Gladiator (This is a one of a kind Jeep on the Island) for a tremendous off-road experience during the day or at night in the dark, just like some of us locals enjoy doing on our free time.
Besides providing a comfortable ride in an upgraded vehicle, Dushi Tera Experience is a company that aims at being a true ambassador of the island of Aruba, its culture, cuisine and its authentic yet popular sites. We strive for our customers to “catch the local vibe” by immersion. Presenting customers with an authentic Aruban experience by way of showcasing our beautiful Island, our traditional Aruban homes, experiencing how locals live and do, and enjoying our food.