North Coast Expedition
Start time: 8am Maximum 4 passengers (3 in back seat 1 in front) ($450) 4 hours minimum. ($75 per additional hour)
This Journey starts at Alto Vista Chapel, located on a hill overlooking Aruba’s north shore. From here we will travel down close to shore to a field littered with large black volcanic rocks. Here you can experience the energy of the entire area powered by Aruba’s rugged environment. It’s a nice place to get out and do some light bouldering, take pictures or simply take in the rugged beauty.
After our time there we will travel along the coast toward Aruba’s collapsed old natural bridge. (There’s a souvenir store there. They sell snacks, refreshments and there are restrooms). After our short break there we will embark on a more thrilling adventure where we will engage the vehicles’ 4x4 and rock climbing capabilities. Following our adventure we will pass by a few more picturesque places such as Andicuri Bay, Tripod Bridges, Blackstone beach, and Daimari Bay. At this point we will have reached the Arikok National Park border. From here we will leave for the Ayo and then Casibari Rock Formations, these are unusually large boulders with interesting shapes to them. After our visit there, we will make our way to a traditional style old Cunucu house so you can see how some of us locals still live.

Things to bring:
  • Towels
  • Water Shoes
  • Sunblock or sun tan lotion
  • Bring your own playlist on USB stick (You have the option of playing your own music)

  • Included:
  • Driver
  • Air conditioning
  • USB charger ports
  • Cooler with ice
  • Snacks (contact if you have specific requests)
  • Drinking Water (contact me if you have specific requests)
  • Snorkel gear
  • Fresh water for rinsing